Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Draft Rules, Reviews & Comments Hyperlinks - Updated 5/6/17
Link to OHIO’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR Proposed Rules http://medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/Rules
Link to Advisory Committee Presentation  http://medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/advisory-committee
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Department/Board Presentation Ohio Administrative Code Email to send comments Deadline/Status Additional Materials
Pharmacy Dispensary Presentation
(Updated for CSI)
Dispensary Rules
(closed for CSI Review)
MMCPRules@pharmacy.ohio.gov & csipubliccoments@governor.ohio.gov Public Comment Closed
CSI Review TBD
Facts Sheet Dispensary
Pharmacy CSI Memo
Missing or not avaialble
      Business Impact
CSI Analysis
Pharmacy Public Comments on Dispensary Rules        
Pharmacy Patient & Caregiver Presentation Patient & Caregiver Rules (closed for Publice comments) MMCPRules@pharmacy.ohio.gov Public Comment Closed
CSI Review TBD
Fact Sheet for Patient & Caregiver
Pharmacy Patient and Caregiver Rules Update        
Pharmacy Forms and Administration Draft Rules Forms & Adminsitration MMCPRules@pharmacy.ohio.gov Public Comment Open
CSI Comments Due 5/19/17
Fact Sheet Forms & Asministration
Pharmacy 90 Day Supply Executive Summary <--See Summary MMCPRules@pharmacy.ohio.gov Public Comment Closed
CSI Review TBD
Medical Physcian & Qualifying Condition Presentation
(Note: Not updated)
Physician Certificate to Recommend Medical Marijuana
(Rules for CSI Review)
medicalmarijuana@med.ohio.gov & csipubliccoments@governor.ohio.gov Public Comment Closed
April 7, 2017
Fact Sheet
Medical Revised Rules with comments review       Physician Survey
Medical Draft Rule
Public Comments
      Revised Physican Survey (Jan 2017)
Cultivator Presentation with Public Comments Cultivator Rules Updated for JCARR Review
(listed by individual Rule #)
MMCPRules@com.state.oh.us Public Comment Closed (See JCARR below) JCARR  Cultivation Handout
Business Impact Analysis for Public CSI Cultivation  Review   Commerce Dept Contact
Justin Hunt
CSI review Completed CSI's Cultivation review report
(Cultivation Application)
Application Process
      Cultivator Application Process
Processor Rules Presentation (Update) Processor Rules
(Closed for Public comment)
MMCPRules@com.state.oh.us Public Comment Closed
CSI Review TBD
Processor Summary Rules Revisions
Testing Rules Presentation Draft Testing Rules Open for Public Comment CSI MMCPRules@com.state.oh.us Public Comment Open
CSI Comments Due 5/19/17
Testing Fact Sheet
Medical  Marijuana  Advisory Committee Committee Mtg Presentations     May 4th 2017 10AM
Vern Riffe Center - 31st Floor
Administrative & State Agencies, Boards & Departments on making Rules & Regulations
Status Rules Status        
Common Sense
Initiative CSI
COMMON SENSE INITIATIVE Toolkit 107.53 Business Impact Analysis Send rule comments to CSIPublicComments@governor.ohio.gov Rules Activity Review List CSI One Pager
Priorities and Initiatives 107.54 Evaluation of draft rules; recommendations Additional Contact info
(855) 821-8898
  Your Suggestions about the CSI process
Pharmacy CSI Memo
Missing or not avaialble
Dispensary Rules
(closed for CSI Review)
MMCPRules@pharmacy.ohio.gov & csipubliccoments@governor.ohio.gov Public Comment Closed
CSI Review TBD
Medical Physicians Rule
Business Impact Analysis
medicalmarijuana@med.ohio.gov & csipubliccoments@governor.ohio.gov CSI TBD
Public Comments
Due  by April 7, 2017
Joint Committee on
Agency Rule Review

Rulemaking Process JCARR Procedure Manual JCARR Executive Director
OAC 3796 MMJ OAC 3796 Rule Active list Public Input Opportunities
JCARR  Cultivation Handout Cultivation rules for JCARR Review jcarr1@jcarr.state.oh.us Agenda for April 17th 1:30pm at the State Capitol in room 121 Medical Marijuana Program
JCARR hearings list
Legislative Summary by Ohio Legislative Service Commission HB523 Legislation as passed     Fiscal Note & Local Impact LSC Statement
Legislative House Bill 523 summary Prepared by MMCP Ohio Revised Code-(HB523)      
Information compiled by Ohio Patient Network Executive Director Rob Ryan
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JCARR "PRONGS" ( Rule Killers )
Does the rule exceed the rule-making agency's statutory authority?
Does the rule conflict with a rule of that agency or another state rule-making agency?
Does the rule conflict with the intent of the legislature in enacting the statute under which the rule is proposed?
Has the rule-making agency prepared a complete and accurate rule summary and fiscal analysis of the proposed rule, amendment, or rescission?
Has the rule-making agency met the incorporation by reference standards for a text or other material as stated in O.R.C. sections 121.72, 121.75, or 121.76?
If the rule has an adverse impact on business as defined in O.R.C. 107.52, has the rule-making agency demonstrated through the business impact analysis (BIA), the Common Sense Initiative Office (CSI) recommendations and the agency's memorandum of response to the CSI recommendations, that the regulatory intent of the rule justifies its adverse impact on business.